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Central Park Coaching - NYC Running Coach is a best in class one-on-one coaching service by professional running coach, Sean Fortune.  Coach Sean is a former NCAA track and cross country coach and Nike sponsored athlete for his previous club team. He is a USATF Level II certified coach and former multiple time winner of New York Road Runners' races. He conducts personalized, science-based one-on-one coached running sessions for marathoners, youth runners, and kids.



Post NYC Marathon recovery advice

There's plenty of tips on what to do before and during the NYC Marathon, but you rarely hear about what do to after. Here's my advice for before, during, and AFTER, the big day, written for the Joyful Approach blog.

Marathon Season Is In Full Swing!


2 weeks to go before the big race, you can feel it in the air.  

Summer Running Is A Great Time To Work On Speed

Ken is doing 100 meter sprints. The warm temperture is ideal for short, fast sprinting which develops all-out speed, strength, and form efficiency. 

Warm Up Before Strength Training

This is a short video of my typical warm up routine before doing full-body strength training geared specifically to make me a more balanced, efficient, and faster runner. 

High School Outdoor Track Nationals

This is short video I made of a final tune-up workout before Nationals of two of the fastest High School runners in New York City and the country.   

Summer Training for Youth Runners

Summer running in New York City is great for young runners learning the importance of safely building up consistent mileage; injuring preventing stretches; and running form drills to improve efficiency and economy. 

Summer training

Running in NYC during the summer months usually means New York City Marathon prep training; base-training; and as always - speed and form work.  With this video, we primarily used it to analysis and help correct some form concerns that Josh was having.  

SpringTime High Intensity Interval Training On The Bridle Path In Central Park

With the warmer temps, running fast and comfortably is the natural progression after the cold winter months. New York City running is some of the best in country. 

Winter Running In Central Park

With the appropriate apparel, running in the winter is easy and a pleasure.  Don't let chilly temps keep you away, visit a proper running store to get the right gear and get out there and start enjoying the outdoors all year long. 

Running Speed Intervals in Central Park

Central Park is fertile training ground for running. Carefully measured, inspirational locations, help with the getting most of out of our workouts.  

Central Park is Perfect for Speed Training for Runners

In this video, high school freshman and rising New York City miler, Ali, is working on her "top-end" running speed doing near all out 200 meter and 300 meter repetition sprints. Excellent for building speed and speed endurance which will improve her mile racing time and her fitness for lacrosse.   

High School track runner doing sprints in Central Park on the east drive  

Lactate Threshold & Sprints Running Workout

Changing speeds during an interval running workout can help build race ready fitness in a manageable, less destructive way than just straight up hard, fast intervals.  Lactate Threshold (high-end AEROBIC pace) 1200 meter intervals tire the legs sufficiently - mimicking racing fatigue without being abusive, followed by some shorter, faster intervals 300 meter / 200 meter / 100 meter sprints, challenging the body the same way as the end of the race.  

Amy running lactate threshold pace followed by sprints  

Cryotherapy For Recovery and Rejuvenation After Hard Running Workouts

The owners of CoreFitness and CyroNYC, Michael and Denise Margulies,  are now offering "PRO LEVEL" recovery for runners and athletes with their new Cryotherapy therapy chamber located on the Upper East Side. Cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures to treat symptoms such as tissue damage (excellent for athletes), decrease inflammation, increase cell rejuvenation, improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging. It's commonly used as a spa treatment, but pro athletes of all sports, including runners, are now using this treatment regularly. 

Coach Sean recovering from a hard running interval workout with Cryotherapy at Core Fitness.

Varsity High School Runner, Ali, working on her running speed with 200 meter repetitions

Just 2 days after the second largest snowstorm in NYC ever, Ali had her fastest 200 meter workout EVER. 200 meter repetitions develop a runner's speed, speed endurance, and strength. The also assist in refining stride efficiency, allowing a runner to become more economical. Additionally, 200s help with generating a monster kick at the end of a race! Email Coach Sean to learn more about workouts like this that can help your running become more efficient and faster. 

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